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CUBA 3D projection mapping at Northern Eastercamp

about us.

We're POST[media] and we specialise in refining ideas and developing the cool stuff that takes visuals for your event to the next level.

From set design to content, construction and playback, we love the challenge of live events & video that goes beyond the standard 16:9 screens.


We work in 2D and 3D motion graphics, editing, post production and even dabble in a bit of graphic & web design.

The last 4 years we've been operating from Auckland, New Zealand but due to a crazy idea Ryan's decided to move overseas. Now in Canada, but with the world of today location isn't a problem, and we'll happily work remotely from anywhere to anywhere!

POST[media] has been supplying clients with everything from pre-production design to content and even installation for the last 3 years. Working closely with The Production Co. and their clients we have been involved in a wide range of events across New Zealand, supplying content for some very unique surfaces. We're well equipped to tour the country with on-site playback, editing and graphics capabilities with our multi output Mac Pro media server system.

Moderated live Twitter ticker with content on pixel drape


Our passion is for cool projection or funky LED designs with seamless and well-designed media. The value of both your brand and theme is key, and our primary goal is finding the best way for these to shine in the content via unique surfaces. Staying true to your brand we aim for seamless content with no out of place transitions ensuring all animation flows smoothly throughout the event

For optimum playback we have a beast of an Apple Mac Pro that delivers reliable smooth playback time after time. It supports up to seven full resolution HD outputs including a native HD-SDI output for connecting to broadcast or IMAG systems all using high end professional graphics cards. Any output can be accurately mapped to almost any surface - like CUBA, allowing custom content to bring 3D sets to life. To top it off, we also have a matching backup of every bit of hardware to ensure that if something goes wrong, it's covered. All of this in a tour ready rack unit.

We have a wide skill-base covering most areas of live production, motion graphics and post production, including Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro X and Studio, Logic, all backed up with a three years of hands on IT network administration and support. A good portion of events we provide on-site edits and last minute requests and changes - some with only hours of lead time!

Dance party VJ set, mapped over 3 screens including pixel drape

our work.

We've done a lot of work, most of which must remain private to our clients. However, a small portion of work is viewable below, if you like what you see, we're just a bunch of electrons away from meeting for a coffee and a chat about what else we've done and what we can do for you!

Check out our instagram and behance profile for personal projects.

Puffersphere 360° seamless projection


We'd love to hear from you. If you've got a concept, idea or dreamt up a crazy design the other night, we'd be honoured to sit down and have a chat. With our network of contacts and the "yea bro" Kiwi attitude, we can pretty much make anything happen, or at the least point you in the right direction!

+1 (778) 877-0554

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